VIREX (VIsual RElational to XML)


  VIREX is a powerful visual tool that provides an interactive approach for querying and integrating relational databases to produce XML documents and the corresponding schemas.
   VIREX connects to a database specified by the user; analyzes the catalogue to derive an interactive diagram equivalent to the extended entity-relationship diagram; allows the user to display sample records from the tables in the database; allows the user to rename columns and relations by modifying directly the interactive diagram; facilitates the conversion of the relational database into XML; and derives the XML schema.
   VIREX works even when the catalogue of the relational database is missing; it extracts the required catalogue information by analyzing the database content. Further, VIREX supports VRXQuery, which is a visual naive-users-oriented query language that allows users to specify queries and define views directly on the interactive diagram as a sequence of mouse clicks with minimum keyboard input.
  The user is expected to interactively decide on certain factors to be considered in producing the XML result. Such factors include:

  1. Selecting the relations/attributes to be converted into XML.
  2. Specifying a predicate to be satisfied by the information to be converted into XML.
  3. Deciding on the order of nesting between the relations to be converted into XML.
  4. Ordering for the result.

   VRXQuery supports selection, projection, nesting/join, union, difference, and order-by.
  As the result of a query, VIREX displays on the screen the XML schema that satisfies the specified characteristics and generates colored (easy to read) XML document(s).


   Dr. Reda Alhajj


   Anthony Lo


  Anthony Lo, Keivan Kianmehr, Tansel Özyer, (some other students and research collaborators have minor contributions to VIREX, their names are listed in the papers that describe the part to which they contributed)

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   The copyright and proper citation is required if the tool is to be used.